FIA F3: Spa, Rd.7

Jonny scores well in Spa putting in two very fine F3 points scoring drives as his fitness builds, finishing 4th and 5th.

Jonny: “Practice went pretty well and the car felt well,” explained the 18-year-old Briton. “A few people used new tyres ahead but the speed was good compared to everyone on similar tyres. Just before Qualifying it rained so the first run was on wets and then it started to dry during the Red Flag and I was the last one out on slicks so I didn’t get many laps to get temperature in the tyres. But for the last lap everything was good and I was purple in S1 and S3 but I got traffic in Sector 2 which was a shame because the car was very good.”

“In Race 1 I had a very good start and already gained one place and then in T5 there were lots of cars and I had small contact with another car and for this I got the 5 second penalty. After this I managed to end Lap 1 in P4 and then on one of the Safety Car restarts I got to P3. On another restart I got up to P2 and then soon after there was a Red Flag. On the restart from the Red Flag I stayed in P2 and pushed as much as possible to get a big gap to the cars behind and I ended P4 with the 5 second penalty and unfortunately I missed out on the podium by 0.6 but the pace was very good.”

Jonny continued: “For Race 2 again my start was good and I gained a place on Lap 1 and then for the first 10 laps we were mostly under Safety Car. On the restart I managed to hold position but in traffic I had a little bit too much understeer so I couldn’t pass the car ahead. Then I started to struggle a little bit and the car behind was very fast so I lost a place with a few laps to go. But the weekend was very good and it was nice to be at the front, still there is some things to improve but hopefully as my fitness keeps improving everything will get better and better.”

#1 Jonny Edgar (GBR – Trident Dallara Mecachrome)

Belgian Grand Prix F3 Spa
6. J. Edgar (Trident) +0.846s

Sprint Race
4. J. Edgar (Trident) +6.339s

Feature Race
5. J. Edgar (Trident) +7.433s

FIA F3 Championship Points after 14 of 18 races (missed 4)
16. J. Edgar (Trident) 26

The FIA F3 championship now moves on to Zandvoort, Netherlands for Rd.8 – 2nd to the 4th September.