Italian F4: Vallelunga

Jonny ended his F4 campaigns in great style, crossing the line 1st in Race 3, after a soaking wet Italian F4 Sunday in Vallelunga. Jonny had taken third in Race 1 on Saturday and heavy rain forced Race 2 to be cancelled on Sunday morning. Race 3 was delayed and got underway on a still very wet track, where . Jonny was in terrific form in the tricky conditions.

Jonny master of the race conditions

Jonny: “In Quali 1 the track was drying quicker than we thought. We were on wets and as it dried they got hotter and the pressures weren’t quite right. So just as the track was at it’s best my tyres dropped. In Quali 2 it was drying again, some went for slicks from the start, we were on wets. I could have swapped but then you’ve got to get heat into the slicks and there isn’t time. There wasn’t a huge difference and 4th wasn’t too bad.”

“Race 1 was a drying track again and I chose wets because it was still quite damp and I was expecting laps behind the Safety Car and then it’s hard to keep temperature in the slicks. I got a really good start but then got pushed on the grass. I was managing the tyres quite a bit because I knew how quick they could go off. I was passing OK and in the end it was a shame we didn’t have a few more laps but still, 3rd from P7 wasn’t bad. Race 2 was cancelled because of the wet. Race 3 was delayed and we sat in pit lane for a long time.”

Jonny: “When we did get started I got from P4 to 3rd pretty quick, then caught P2 and passed him before the end of the first lap. I caught the leader in another lap and half and got ahead. I had a gap, then a Safety Car and I got a gap again after a good restart. I didn’t need to push too much, stayed safe and made sure I stayed on track.”